The National Secretariat and Staff extend a special "Thank You" to all Cursillistas for your faithful stewardship to Christ and His Church through the gift of Cursillo and for your continued support and generous donations toward the $3 Per Year Campaign. The Campaign was introduced in 2013 at the 23rd National Encounter at Hofstra University in New Yord as a solution to a brighter future for the Cursillo Movement in the United States. Miracles can happen with as little as $3 per year donation from each Cursillista. The benefits are tremendous for all Cursillistas at the Diocesan, Regional, and National levels. (Source: National Cursillo Movement $3/Yr Campain - A Solution to a Brighter Future! flyer)

The NCM would like to thank the Cursillistas in the Diocese of San Jose Filipino Cursillo Movement (DSJFCM) for their generosity and support to the Cursillo movement. Please click here for a complete list of donors from the DSJFCM.

For more information regarding the $3/Yr Campaign and information on how to donate and support the movement, please click here to view the Campaign's official flyer from the National Cursillo Movement.

Click here to donate directly through the National Cursillo Website